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Hi, I'm Åste

Creativity and Innovation Mentor

I'm an architect and innovator. 
I believe we are all born creative, and that innovation is a language that can be taught by anyone. I remember being a child, drawing my dream houses in my sketchbook. I had so many ideas then, and I just really wanted to learn how to create something different. Today I have even more ideas and I still want to create something different, but now I have learned how to do it. I have learned the language of innovation, and I will tell you; you can learn it too. I have also realized that the world needs more dreamers and more pioneer, and it has become my mission to help you become the pioneer of your field.

Åste Kristine Ullring Holtan

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Define your dream 1:1

Get clear on your creative skills

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Brainstorming 1:1

Kickoff your business, product or service

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Lead your field


Get clear on your creative skills

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3 months


Creative Confidence

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and idea

6 months